Our Services

We offer more than our wide selection of products. As a full service bra-fitting boutique we are ready to work with our customers on any level to help them feel more comfortable with their selection. Below are a few of the services we offer. To learn more about what we can do for you, stop in the store and get to know us.

Bra Fittings

Bra fittings are our specialty. We would be happy to measure you and suggest bras based on your individual shape and size. Since every bra fits so differently, we simply discern what styles and sizes work best for each customer. Our goal is to provide you with an "uplifting" experience and save you the time and aggravation of bra shopping on your own.

Bra Card

Our unique loyalty program, catered specifically for our clientele. For each bra purchase, we stamp your card - when you buy 10 bras, you get a free bra (or a $50 credit towards a bra of your choice). Contact us to learn more about our loyalty program!


Providing excellent customer service and an enjoyable shopping experience is our priority. To make it easier for our customers, we keep record of purchases and can make notes based on which bras fit and which ones didn't so we have a starting point the next time you stop in. We always want to provide you with the specialized attention you deserve ...whether it's trying to find a product that a customer wants, special ordering items for someone to try, or over-nighting a bra to someone on vacation that they forgot to pack. Customers can also create "wish lists"...where we notate items you like, then we contact your significant other to let them know their special someone wants something special. We offer complimentary gift-wrapping too!